Why Composting?

Composting is a win-win-win for your family, your community and for the environment. When you sign up for a Down to Earth bin, you are supporting a community wide effort to reduce unnecessary waste in landfills, prevent groundwater pollution and reduce our carbon footprint. Compost puts your food waste to good use and nourishes your plants, which leads to bigger, healthier yields. Neighborhood composting is an amazing way to connect with your community and complete the natural cycle from garden to table and back again.

What the Truckee Meadows throws away

(curious to learn more? You can find the complete Waste Characterization Study here)


You throw your compostables into the bin.


We pick up your bin weekly.


We return finished compost to you for use in your garden or house plants.

Our Team


Founder & CEO

Bike’s Name: Crash

Claim to Fame: Once turned a cubic yard of compost in 15 minutes.

Arch Nemesis: Dried goatheads hiding in Midtown alleys…

Read more about our dirt leader here. 


Rot Rider

Bike’s Name: Brand X

Current Project: Teaching Scamp how to live as an adventure cat

Claim To Fame: Has bicycled in ten countries and composted in four states!


Rot Rider

Bike’s Name: Shannon

Claim to Fame: Changing a bike tire with a 100 lb. trailer attached. How did he do it? Only Mike knows.

Big Dream: A car free Reno!

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