Real Talk, with Garrett

“I’m not great at small talk or chit-chat, so I’ll cut straight to the chase 🙂

I think there are almost-endless opportunities for passionate, authentic humans to make a positive impact on our world, and that free-enterprise business is one of the greatest channels through which to make that impact.

It has been easy for me to get overwhelmed by the size and scope of the challenges facing our planet right now: political polarization, the worsening impact humans are having on our environment, and the huge equality and opportunity gaps across genders, classes and ethnicities, to name a few.

I’ve learned (mainly through trial and error) that the best way for me to coexist alongside these paralyzing realities is to focus on living my best life – one that contributes less and less to these challenges, and one that eventually starts making things a little better.

Down To Earth Composting is about making it easier for all of us to live a less wasteful life, and about reminding us that our day-to-day actions do matter – that regenerating our planet starts with the choices we individually make every day. We don’t delude ourselves into thinking that composting by itself is going to regenerate our planet, but it is one of many practices that make a difference.

Whether you are just learning about composting or you are a seasoned composter, thank you for making the time to grow your awareness, and explore ways to help heal our planet.”

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