Vegetable Gardening Services

Your compost helps grow healthy, nutritious, Reno vegetables!

Seasonal Garden Setup

You decide how many square feet your want your seasonal garden to be

You tell us what veggies you’d like to grow in your garden

We stop by in person to plant your garden and get your plants off to a strong start

(optional) you receive a weekly email with maintenance tips and informational tidbits

How much does it cost?

$50 baseline, plus $2 per square foot

(optional) bed preparation add-on
soil aeration and addition of 1″ of all-natural Down To Earth compost (+$25 and $0.50 per square foot)

What We Don’t Do

Soil Analysis

We don’t guarantee the quality of your soil, or test if for fertility and nutrient imbalances.


We build and modify raised beds, but are not licensed to install permanent fencing around your growing space.


We provide recommendations for watering duration and frequency (based on general soil type) but are not responsible for maintaining the irrigation system.


We will advise you of risks due to pests, but are not responsible for any damage caused by pests.

We also offer raised bed installation & modification services, to get your garden up and growing!

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